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Dynamic Sound Enclosures 15"Guitar Speaker Selections.

All speakers offered by D.S.E. are made in the USA by Eminence or Warehouse Guitar Speaker.

Note: D.S.E. does not offer Celestion speakers! Why? In 1999 Celestion, the British Co. that helped make Vox and Marshall amplifiers famous, moved their speaker mfg. to CHINA. With just a few exceptions, the product line is made in China including the speaker cones. Eminences' British voiced speakers and Warehouse Guitar Speakers British Invasion series are more English, than all but the most expensive Celestions'. Why? The cones for these speakers are mfg.in Britian by Mueller, who is Englands oldest mfg. of speaker cones. Mueller made Celestions' cones until they moved to China.


The Legend Series
Model Power (rms) Impedence SPL Magnet Weight Price
1518 150 watts 8 ohms 102 db. 59 oz. Ferrite $79.97
Excellent in combination with 2 Legend 10516 10" speakers. A tremendous bottom end with tight slapping mids. Seperate the speaker cabinets and get the suond of stereo, without a stereo amp.
15" Legend Series
The Eminence Red Coat Series
Model Power (rms) Impedence SPL Magnet Weight Price
Big Ben 225 watts 8 ohms 101.5 db. 56 oz. Ferrite $119.97
A big clean, warm British sound with a somewhat throaty tone. Fat bass with smooth midsand highs. Good for Blues, Delta Blues, Jazz and Country. Used with 10 or 12 inch speakers with singing, seperate the cabinets and listen to the sound!
15" Redcoat Series

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Vintage American Series
Model Power (rms) Impedence SPL Replaces Price
G15A 75 watts 8/16 ohms 96 db. Jensen P15N $269.00
A truley awsome 15" guitar speaker. A large ALNICO magnet with a vintage seamed cone gives this unique 15" speaker a quick and articulate response with aggressive mids and a fat low end.
(Special Order: Allow 7-10 extra working days for delivery.)
G15c 75 watts 8/16 ohms 97 db. Jensen c15N $109.00
A suberbly musical 15" guitar speaker. The G15C is a more affordable version of the G15A. It still has the same quick, articulate response with the aggressive mids and fat low end.
15" Vintage American Series


Buying products made overseas fuels foreign economies while crippling our own. Don't send our jobs away! Even if you don't purchase a guitar, bass p.a., or stage monitor speaker cabinet from Dynamic Sound Enclosures remember,
"If Americans aren't working, they're not going out, and alot of us will be in our garages again!....Rick Jordan